SOL Day 23: Back At It – Or Not

School started again today after a Spring Break that felt much too short (has it really been 10 days?), and it went pretty much the way I would expect. I started off the day by waking up late because I turned off my alarm in my sleep – thank goodness I caught myself with enough time to get ready! Then, I got to school and realized I forgot my lunch as I was walking in, so I had to drive back home and get it. Luckily, I live less than 10 minutes away, but it still threw me off.

My classes were fine, if only a little distracted and chatty. I wouldn’t expect anything less on the day after Spring Break, so as long as they were utilizing their time and getting work done, I could stand a little side conversation here and there.

Unfortunately for me, though, I picked up a cold on Spring Break that has decided to stick around. As I talked and conferred in class today, my voice started getting weaker and weaker, and my coughing more persistent.

I hate having to miss school, especially right after a break, but I don’t think I can be fully present as I need to be for my students tomorrow…so I put in for sick day.

I went back and forth after school on whether or not I needed to take the day off, and I didn’t decide until after 8 p.m. that I just wouldn’t be able do it tomorrow. I ended up going into school to set up my lesson plans and grabbed some professional reading to do tomorrow so it doesn’t feel like such a waste.

Hopefully I’ll be able to really get back into the swing of things on Wednesday.



SOL Day 20: Winding Down

My Spring Break is winding down, and I’m trying to make the best of my last few days. It’s weird to think that just three days from now, I will be back at home and back into the swing of school. It’s such a jarring difference from spending tonight relaxing with my family out of town.

Today was a lazy day – a rest day from running and nothing planned all day except for family dinner. It’s nice to have days like this, and these are the types of days I like to have on Spring Break. 

I was able to finish one book and start another, and I watched a little bit of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Now I’m sitting and typing, surrounded by family, and doing a combination of reading, watching basketball, and chatting. 

Part of me feels like I wasted a bit of today because I barely went outside on a gorgeous day in Florida, but it’s fine. I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I do my eight mile run! 

Tonight is a good way to spend one of my final nights on vacation. Back to normal life on Monday, but I need to let myself relax and enjoy right now. 

SOL Day 13: Spring Break!

Spring Break is here! I have been so exhausted these past few weeks, so I am welcoming it with open arms. I already fell asleep on the couch tonight while reading, but made sure I got up so I could write my slice for the day!

Today was an odd day at school because we didn’t have regular classes and we had guest speakers all morning. Then we watched a movie after lunch. There were a few kids I was helping with work, but aside from that, I did not feel very teacher-y today. It was definitely a little weird. 

It almost feels like it’s not quite Spring Break yet though because tomorrow I have a Power of the Pen (Writing) tournament I will be coaching/judging all day. After that, I need to get in a seven mile run, so tomorrow will be pretty packed.

Tonight I am just thinking about the week, about what’s coming up, and looking forward to finally getting some rest. No more five hour nights of sleep for me this week.

SOL Day 10: Anticipation

I have written about stress and exhaustion, because at this time of year, those are two things teachers are feeling a lot of. I am trying to be a little more positive tonight. I have also found that I enjoy writing poetry, so here is one about the upcoming Spring Break. 


Time to step back and think

About the smaller details. 

Time to remove myself

From the fever of everyday life. 

This makes me a better teacher – 

Being able to take a break. 

Everyone is restless

At this time of year. 

The snow and ice have stayed too long;

We are ready for spring. 

I anticipate 

Long cars rides

To warm places.

I anticipate

A few days

When I can read,


A week is coming

To reflect without stress,

So I can recharge 

And be my best until June.