SOL Day 20: Winding Down

My Spring Break is winding down, and I’m trying to make the best of my last few days. It’s weird to think that just three days from now, I will be back at home and back into the swing of school. It’s such a jarring difference from spending tonight relaxing with my family out of town.

Today was a lazy day – a rest day from running and nothing planned all day except for family dinner. It’s nice to have days like this, and these are the types of days I like to have on Spring Break. 

I was able to finish one book and start another, and I watched a little bit of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. Now I’m sitting and typing, surrounded by family, and doing a combination of reading, watching basketball, and chatting. 

Part of me feels like I wasted a bit of today because I barely went outside on a gorgeous day in Florida, but it’s fine. I’ll make up for it tomorrow when I do my eight mile run! 

Tonight is a good way to spend one of my final nights on vacation. Back to normal life on Monday, but I need to let myself relax and enjoy right now. 


SOL Day 19: Basketball Madness

Today started March Madness, the advent of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament, and I was lucky enough to get to go to the first round of games. Right now, I am writing this from the Wofford vs. Arkansas game in Jacksonville. (Wofford, the 12 seed, is currently winning by two.)

One of the best moments of today was when I got to see Georgia State (14 seed) upset the Baylor Bears (3 seed) in the first game of the day (for me). After that, I saw Xavier (a family member’s alma mater) win, and a close game by Harvard against North Carolina. They were so close, but in the end, Harvard couldn’t pull it off. 

I am also ecstatic because my team, the Ohio State Buckeyes, got the win today even though it was questionable for a while. 

I’ve gone through waves today of being excited and being tired, but overall, it’s been a pretty fun day. 

Here’s to more basketball madness, and Go Bucks!

SOL Day 18: Road Trippin’

As it turns out, being on Spring Break can make you forget things. (I forgot to write a slice again yesterday.)

I spent the majority of today inside of a tiny car with three other people as we traveled to Florida. Pit stops were made for gas, sleep was shallow and inconsistent, and I didn’t get as much reading done as I hoped I would. 

The whole time, I was just wishing the ride to be over. I hate thinking this way though, because then I feel like I am wishing away an entire day. I don’t like wasting time – I never feel like I have enough time – so spending 12 hours traveling seems so wasteful to me. 

We made it safe and sound, and I’m spending a little time reading tonight, so it isn’t all a wash. For now, I’m ready  to get a good night’s sleep and enjoy my time with family tomorrow. 

SOL Day 16: Forgetfulness

Whoops. Yesterday I forgot to post. My excuse? I was thrown off of my routine. 

I still think I’m doing pretty well – when I tried to do the Slice of Life challenge last year, I stopped around day 10. So this is progress, and that’s all we can hope to ask for, right?

I am currently staying at my parents’ house for a couple of days, out of town, so I wasn’t in my normal routine of settling in at night on the couch with Scott and firing up my laptop. I’m so out of routine, that this post is even being typed on my phone. 

I think I will forgive myself for forgetting – I spent most of the day yesterday talking to my mom and reading, two of my favorite things to do when I am Home. (Side note: I finished The Girl on the Train, and if you haven’t read it, you really should.)

We forget things, sometimes, because more important things come along – and that’s ok. Sometimes I forget to take attendance or reprimand a kid for getting off topic because I am too engrossed in helping another student challenge herself with learning. 

Sometimes forgetfulness can be bad, and sometimes it can be scary. I think about my grandmother who recently died after a long struggle with dementia, which started taking over her life nearly eight years ago. In the end, she didn’t remember much, and that was difficult, especially for my mom, who still had so many questions. 

But when small things are forgotten, we forgive ourselves. We can’t dwell on what might have happened if we had remembered that one thing. Who knows, but we will never be satisfied with living a life of what ifs.

I hope that if you’ve been forgetful lately, that you forgive yourself. There is always the chance to try again – and remember for next time. 

SOL Day 10: Anticipation

I have written about stress and exhaustion, because at this time of year, those are two things teachers are feeling a lot of. I am trying to be a little more positive tonight. I have also found that I enjoy writing poetry, so here is one about the upcoming Spring Break. 


Time to step back and think

About the smaller details. 

Time to remove myself

From the fever of everyday life. 

This makes me a better teacher – 

Being able to take a break. 

Everyone is restless

At this time of year. 

The snow and ice have stayed too long;

We are ready for spring. 

I anticipate 

Long cars rides

To warm places.

I anticipate

A few days

When I can read,


A week is coming

To reflect without stress,

So I can recharge 

And be my best until June. 

SOL Day 8: A Quick Stop

On the road between Indianapolis and Columbus, there is a quirky little tourist stop called Warm Glow Candle Store. It’s always been intriguing – there are plenty of billboards inviting you in, and when you drive by, you see that part of the store actually looks like a giant candle.

Since we had a little time to kill on our way home today, Scott and I decided to stop. We just wanted to check it out – walk around maybe pick up a candle – and  satisfy our curiosity.

The store was pretty much what I expected, but it was a nice little pit stop to make on a 3-hour journey. We explored the 20,000 square feet, which overall felt like an expanded Cracker Barrel gift shop. The candles were plentiful and fairly reasonably priced, especially compared to brands like Yankee Candle. I ended up buying a small sugar maple scented candle for about $5, which was a nice little souvenier. All of the candles are handmade in Indiana, which is also a nice touch.

I like stopping at unique places like this – one of my other favorites is Grandpa’s Cheese Barn, located near Ashland, Ohio. I discovered that shop on the way to a concert in Cleveland with friends a few years ago.

I’m happy that we stopped today for a quick little pit stop, and I would recommend it if you find yourself traveling along I-70 and need a little break. It’s nothing too fancy, but it’s a nice change from stopping at a gas station or fast food restaurant for a break.

SOL Day 7: The Indianapolis Canal Walk

Today started out with really no plans – I knew I had to run 6 miles this morning, but that was about the only thing on my plate. After getting that out of the way (with a little bit of difficulty), Scott wanted to go to the NCCAA museum, since we were in Indianapolis with not much to do. 

Our hotel was right in the middle of downtown, and the museum was on the outskirts, in the middle of an area called the “Cultural Trail.” While the museum was okay, what I really enjoyed was the Cultural Trail. 

There were a few museums along this route and many cool sculptures and art pieces. It was a beautiful day – sunny, and in the high 30s – a nice change of pace from the dreary winter weather that has refused to leave. The walk was refreshing, and we ended up finding Indianapolis’s Canal Walk. 

I have been to Indianapolis many times for basketball games, but I have never been to this part of the city before. I was impressed. The canal was peaceful, and the artwork and surrounding architecture was fun to look at. 

There were so many runners and people just enjoying the sunny afternoon; I can’t imagine how crowded this place gets in the summer. The Eiteljorg Museum and the Indiana State Museum both had nice little gardens along the canal as well. 

One of my favorite parts of the walk though was the paintings under the bridges. They were these bright bursts of color that contrasted with the grey snow on the ground, and they brought a certain amount of cheer to the walk. 

One of my favorites was of this girl, blowing bubbles. 

I love finding little hidden places like this in cities I am visiting. This walk definitely brought some joy to my day.