A Tree Grows in Columbus

February 15, 2015

I have been meaning to start a blog for a long time now. There are so many times when I have started one, posted a few entries, and then stopped. I have always tried to focus too much on one part of my life, like teaching or running, or else try to write about everything that I’ve ever experienced. It can be a fine line, but I think I have found the solution.

I have a lot of different cogs running in my machine, so instead of trying to separate everything out into its own piece of reflection, I’ve decided to combine them all into one organized space. I have a few hobbies and interests that are dear to me, and those are the ones I’ve chosen to focus on here.

Books: Since childhood, I have been a tremendous reader. I love all things books, and as a former bookseller and current Language Arts teacher, I always feel like I need to read all the newest books, as well as all of the classics. There is an endless list that grows larger by the day, and I’m definitely not keeping up with it. I hardly have any time to read with teaching and other after school activities, so I am hoping that if I can write about the books I read, it will motivate me to keep going when I feel like I am in a rut.

Crafts: Over the past year or so, I have gotten really into destressing through crafting. I started out last year, just before Christmas, with learning how to knit. I like to try other crafts – this year, my goal was to make all/nearly all of my Christmas presents – and I am hoping to keep up with that as well. An exciting new adventure for me is sewing. I just recently took a sewing class at a local handmade goods store and bought my first sewing machine. I am itching to get started on this new hobby. Eventually, I’d love to open an Etsy shop to share my creations.

Local Life: This is where I will post anything Columbus/Ohio-related, and considering that I’m focusing on Columbus for the title of my blog, I found this appropriate. I might include some of my favorite places around Columbus, new restaurants I try, or some Buckeye love.

Running: In October 2014, I ran my first half marathon. I am by no means a typical runner, but I have always seen this as an eventual goal, and last year I just went for it. Running the Columbus Half Marathon was one of the most rewarding accomplishments I have ever achieved. To keep myself motivated (and my butt in shape), I am currently training for the Flying Pig Half Marathon in Cincinnati this May. My brother, sister, and cousin are all running as well, and I am looking forward to taking part in this family affair.

Teaching: Teaching takes up a majority of my life (and brain), and I want a space to reflect and decompress. I am writing this post on a Friday night after a long two weeks with lots of after school commitments, and just thinking about writing about it all makes me feel like a weight is being lifted off of my chest. Sometimes I am in love with my job, and sometimes I struggle, but at this point in my life, teaching is the perfect fit for me.

I feel like my life is flying by most days, but I’m hoping to slow down enough to write and enjoy it.





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