Election Day

When I was 8 years old, we did a mock election in my third grade class. I saw a woman’s name on the ballot, and instantly marked her as my choice. I didn’t know who she was or what party she ran for, but I had never seen a woman in such a high position, and it gave me hope. Someday, maybe someday, a woman could be president.

Today, 20 years later, I finally realized my dream of voting for a woman for real. I got to my polling location at 6:30 Рright when they opened Рso I could get my vote in before work. There were probably about 30 people who were already in line when I arrived. The line moved slowly, and I tried to read while I waited, while also trying to block out the women talking about Fox News behind me.

Finally, I made it to the front. I was a little nervous that I’d have trouble signing in because I got married this summer and changed my name – but there was no issue.

When I reached the voting booth, as I started my ballot, I had to pause for a moment as I searched for Hillary Clinton’s name. I felt like I was holding my breath as I stared at her name on the screen in front of me, taking in the moment. A million things were running through my brain, but one thing stuck out among the others:

I am about to vote for a woman for president.

And she might actually be our next president.

I felt myself tearing up a little, and then smiled.

I made my choice.



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