PR Day!

This month has been a bit out of control. I have felt overbooked most days, and my to-do list never seems to be complete. One thing I have been focusing on is my running, which has become one of my most important hobbies. Running has helped me to lose weight and to stay motivated to be healthy.

This morning, I ran a 10k that I did not really want to do. Yesterday I spent 15 hours at a conference I helped plan, and I was mentally and physically exhausted when my alarm went off at 7 a.m. today. I just wanted one more hour of sleep for this Sunday.

But I got up. I was almost late to the race, but I made it on time, and started without too much preparation. One good thing about that was that I didn’t have any time to psych myself out about starting the race, listening to the conversations all around me. As I waited to start, I was planning on taking it slow, considering the month I’ve had so far. Then I heard a group of ladies in front of me talking about how they wanted to finish the 10k in under an hour. I thought to myself, “I could do that.”

I had tried to break the one-hour mark during the Thanksgiving Day Race 10k in Cincinnati, but I finished in 1:01:10 – just shy of my goal.

Today though, I was determined. I was feeling a cold coming on, but I pushed through. I kept track of my pace and checked myself against other runners, giving me motivation to keep it up.

As I hit the last half mile, I knew I had to be close to reaching my goal. I picked up my pace, and noticed that the official time had just hit 58:00 as I crossed the finish line.

I ended up finishing in 57:49 – a new PR for my 10k!


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