SOL Day 23: Back At It – Or Not

School started again today after a Spring Break that felt much too short (has it really been 10 days?), and it went pretty much the way I would expect. I started off the day by waking up late because I turned off my alarm in my sleep – thank goodness I caught myself with enough time to get ready! Then, I got to school and realized I forgot my lunch as I was walking in, so I had to drive back home and get it. Luckily, I live less than 10 minutes away, but it still threw me off.

My classes were fine, if only a little distracted and chatty. I wouldn’t expect anything less on the day after Spring Break, so as long as they were utilizing their time and getting work done, I could stand a little side conversation here and there.

Unfortunately for me, though, I picked up a cold on Spring Break that has decided to stick around. As I talked and conferred in class today, my voice started getting weaker and weaker, and my coughing more persistent.

I hate having to miss school, especially right after a break, but I don’t think I can be fully present as I need to be for my students tomorrow…so I put in for sick day.

I went back and forth after school on whether or not I needed to take the day off, and I didn’t decide until after 8 p.m. that I just wouldn’t be able do it tomorrow. I ended up going into school to set up my lesson plans and grabbed some professional reading to do tomorrow so it doesn’t feel like such a waste.

Hopefully I’ll be able to really get back into the swing of things on Wednesday.



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